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Birthplace of the RCMP Veteran's Association

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Notes of Interest



Important Phone Numbers    
Calendar of Events    
Red Serge Blazer   Posted April 13, 2011
Frank's Facts & Funnies   Posted Dec. 15th, 2009
Tex Tyler Endowment Hospital Parking Passes Posted July 30th, 2008






North Calgary:  Every Wednesday at 9:30am Food Court, Northlands Shopping Centre
South Calgary:  Every Friday at 9:30am Food Court, South Centre Shopping Centre
Cochrane:  Every Friday at 9:00am Cochrane Cafe, Main Street
High River:  Every Thursday at 10:00am Dairy Queen
Strathmore: Every Tuesday at 10:00am Boulevard Cafe






Important Phone Numbers

Veterans' Association National HQ 1-877-251-1771

Health & Dental Plans 1-888-757-7427

Benefits (Pay Cheque, deaths etc.) (Morneau Sobeco) 1-800-661-7595









2012 Calendar of Events

Date Time Event Location
Tue 17 Jan 12 7:30pm Annual General Meeting Fort Calgary
Fri 23 Mar 12 11:30am Widows & life Member Luncheon Horton Road Legion
Tues 17 Apr 12 11:30am General Meeting Horton Road Legion
27 May - 03 Jun 12 2:00pm National AGM  
Sat 16 Jun 12   BBQ Azhar Mounted Troop Calgary Shrine Park
TBA   Calgary Lethbridge Cypress Hills Golf Day Claresholm
Sun 01 Jul 12 10:00am Canada Day Celebration Fort Calgary
Fri 06 Jul 12 9:00am Brewster Bus Tour Calgary Stampede
Fri 06 Jul 12 10:30am Morley Hut Display Calgary Stampede
TBA   Calgary Golf Day and Luncheon ?? Location
Tue 18 Sep 12 7:30pm General Meeting Fort Calgary
Sun 11 Nov 12 10:00am Remembrance Day Jubilee Auditorium / Fort Calgary
Tue 20 Nov 12 7:30pm General Meeting Fort Calgary
Thur 6 Dec 12 5:00 PM ChristmasSocial Fort Calgary








Red Serge Blazer

Calgary Division is fortunate to have as an Honorary Member, Tony Casello, who is an expert tailor. 
Tony did the alterations for RCMP uniforms for over twenty five years. 
He has agreed to make the Red Serge Blazer for association members. 
To order a blazer, please contact our Treasurer, Bob Ellergodt, Email:








Frank's Facts & Funnies

This is an informative document which is published every couple of weeks. 
You can view these documents, along with other informative information, on the Vets Net.

1. Click on Vets Net
2. Log In
3. Click on "Courtesy Pages"







Tex Tyler Endowment


(Hospital Parking Passes

#14561 Edward W. "Tex" Tyler, who was a Life Member of Calgary Division, passed away on March 30, 2006. 
In his Will he wanted to support/assist our members in getting to and from the Hospitals in Calgary to visit family members
by providing Hospital Parking Passes.  A donation of $3,000.00 has been made for that purpose.


Guidelines & Control

-  For the use of members of Calgary Division, their spouses and widows, to visit family and ex-RCMP members in Hospitals and Long Term Care Centres in Calgary.

-  Visitors are to pay for their parking at the Hospital and Long Term Care Centres and obtain a receipt.

-  Individuals and/or families are to mark on the receipt the name of the person visited, then keep and accumulate their receipts  for up to or in excess of $25.00 before submitting them to the Treasurer for reimbursement.  This is to alleviate mailing in receipts for every visit and then having the Treasurer write numerous cheques for small amounts.

-  Members, their spouses and widows are encouraged to purchase monthly Passes for Hospital or Long Term Care Centres and forward these receipts when patients are known to be obtaining lengthy treatment and/or care.  This is  more economical.

-  All receipts and disbursements will be shown on the Treasurer's Quarterly Report.