Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veterans’ Association

Section 1: Name


  1. On the corporate seal of approval of National Headquarters this Division shall be known as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veterans’ Association Calgary Division and shall be seated in the City of Calgary, Province of Alberta, Canada.

Section 2: Duty to Headquarters


  1. This Division shall at all time be subject to the constitutional governing authority of the National Headquarters of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veterans’ Association.

Section 3: Membership

  1. Membership shall be considered and granted in accordance with those qualifications provided in the Association’s constitution.

Section 4: Annual Dues

  1. The annual Division membership dues are payable on or before the first of January each year. The mount of dues payable by Division members for the ensuing year will be fixed at a regular or special meeting no later than October of each year, following approval of the National Headquarters per capita dues at the Association’s annual general meeting.

Section 5: Officers of the Division

  1. The officers of the Division’s Executive Committee shall consist of a President, Immediate Past-President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary or Ex-offico Administrative Assistant, Treasurer, or Secretary-Treasurer, and no less than five or more than eight Directors.

Section 6: Terms of Office

  1. The members of the Executive Committee shall be elected for a period of one year, commencing on January 1st each year.

  1. Officers remaining in the same position need not be installed again.

Section 7: Election of Officers

  1. At the last Executive meeting prior to the last general meeting of the year the President shall receive a report from the Nominating Chairperson, outlining the full slate of nominees for election to the Executive Committee for the forthcoming year.

  1. The election of officers shall take place at the last regular meeting of the Division.

  1. Officers not present at the installation meeting may be installed at any subsequent general meeting.

  1. Any vacancy in an elected office that may occur during the year, due to resignation or for any other reason, may be filled by a Presidential appointment, and such appointment will remain in effect until the next election of officers.

Section 8: Correspondence

  1. All correspondence or communications emanating from the Division must be over the signature of the President, 1st Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer unless expressly authorized by the Division President.

  1. The President may delegate signing authority on specific matters to Committee Chairs.

Section 9: Quorums for Meetings

  1. A quorum for any regular, special or annual general meeting of the Division shall be at least five (5) active or life members present, of which three (3) do not hold any Division or National Executive positions at the time of the ‘call to order’.

  1. A quorum for any Executive meeting of the Division shall be at least four (4) of the Executive members including Directors.

Section 10: Tipstaff

  1. The Tipstaff of Calgary Division is an ornamental staff of office born as a symbol of law enforcement and the authority of the Division President to preside over Board and General Meetings.

  1. Responsibility for the safe custody and control of the Tipstaff and other regalia items shall at all time rest with the Sergeant at Arms, who may delegate that responsibility, from time to time to a Vice President.

  1. The Tipstaff shall be ceremoniously paraded and prominently displayed at the Annual General Meeting or a meeting deemed appropriate by the President and for as long as it remains displayed before the assembly it will serve to establish that any such meeting of the Association is in session until such time as the Division President declares it adjourned and instructs that the Tipstaff be retired.

Section 11: Regular Meetings

  1. Regular, Executive and Special meetings will be held at a time and place designated by the President in The Notice of Meeting.

Section 12: Division Annual General Meeting

  1. The annual general meeting of the Division shall be held in January each year. Order of business will be consistent with the procedures of the Division’s regular meetings, and shall include the audited financial statements from the previous fiscal year.

Section 13: Special General Meeting

  1. A special general meeting of the Division may be held at such time and place as may be designated by the President and shall be called pursuant to a resolution passed by a two-thirds (2/3rds) majority vote of the Executive, or upon a request in writing by not less than five (5) of the active or life members of the Division, or upon a special directive from National Headquarters.

  1. The notice calling the special meeting shall specify the purpose for which it is called and the time and place of the meeting.

  1. The meeting agenda will be limited to the specific matter for which the meeting was called and no other business will be conducted.

Section 14: Fiscal Year

  1. The Division fiscal year will be the calendar year. The books of account shall be audited immediately after the end of the fiscal year and the report presented at the Division annual general meeting.

Section 15: Auditors

  1. The Executive will approve an auditor at the last executive meeting of the year.

Section 16: Management of Division Funds and Property

  1. The Division Executive and Directors will be responsible and accountable for the day-to-day business and operation of Calgary Division.

  2. The Executive, on a duly recorded motion and vote of its officers, may spend up to $500.00 per occasion for benevolent considerations. They are also authorized to spend Division funds up to $1,000.00 per item or occasion to meet the daily business needs of the Division.

  3. Any expenditure above these limited must be approved by the membership at a regular meeting with a motion and two-thirds (2/3rds) majority vote by the members in good standing who are present.

Section 17: Appointment of Committees

  1. The President may delegate specific areas of the Division’s operation and appoint a Chairperson for the appropriate committees. Committee chairpersons shall keep the Executive aware via their regular meetings of any significant matters that may be a concern to the Division or require attention, such as serious illness or distress.

Section 18: Division Delegate to the Association Annual General Meeting

  1. Under normal circumstances the President shall be the Division’s delegate to attend the National Annual General Meeting or any other National Executive Special Meeting where his/her attendance is required.

  1. The Division delegate shall be reimbursed from Division funds for reasonable expenses incurred in attending such meeting.

  1. The Division delegate, within a reasonable period of time following the Association annual general meeting, shall provide to the Division Secretary a written report summarizing the events and decisions of the meeting, and a short summary of same should be circulated to the membership via the next Division bulletin or newsletter.

  1. If the President declines or is unable to accept the appointment of Division delegate, the Executive may elect a delegate from its officers. If no delegate can be identified from the officers the membership of the Division will, by nomination and vote, appoint a delegate to attend the National Annual General Meeting or any other National Executive Special Meeting, and reimbursement of expenses as outlined in #2 above will apply.

Section 19: Division Bulletin

  1. Without limiting the responsibilities, creativity or material normally considered, the Division Bulletin Editor shall endeavor to publish at least 3 bulletins/newsletters per fiscal year.

  2. The President and/or the Administrative Assistant shall keep the membership informed via an email broadcast of the dates of the upcoming meetings, social events and those who are having medical issues as well as other items of general interest to the membership at large.

  1. When the dues have been set by the general membership a notice will be made via an email broadcast and included in the next division bulletin.

Section 20: Sickness or Distress

  1. It shall be the duty of any member of the Division to report to the Executive, cases of major illness, death or distress of any members or his/her dependents or family.

  1. The President may appoint a special committee to investigate and report upon any particular case of hardship or distress of a member or their family and bring subsequent findings or recommendations to the Executive Committee for action as deemed appropriate.

Section 21: Division Operational Policies

  1. The Division may establish policies and procedures of local concern and execution for the good of the Division, but such policies shall not abrogate the authority of the National constitution, by-laws or regulations.

Section 22: Dress and Protocol

  1. Protocol for Division functions shall be determined by National polices, or where none exist, by Division policies.

  1. A white Stetson hat may be worn by members of the Division at cultural and community events where this headdress is appropriate.

  1. In order to have consistency of dress at certain events a notice will be sent to all members outlining the appropriate dress for the occasion.

Section 23: National Association Board Member

  1. Where the Division President is unable to fulfill his/her position as a vice-president of the National Association, the Division Executive by a majority vote may appoint in his/her place a Division representative to the National Executive.

Section 24: Amendments of By-Laws

  1. The Division may enact, make additions to, amend, repeal and re-enact Division by-laws, providing such by-laws are in no way contrary to the provisions of the Association constitution, by-laws or regulations, and the National Headquarters has given thirty (30) days notice of their implementation.

  1. Division by-laws cannot otherwise be enacted, added to, amended, repealed or re-enacted unless a notice has been sent via email advising the membership the date of the next regular meeting when the issue shall come up for discussion and vote.

  1. Any notice shall be emailed at least 30 days in advance of the next regular meeting and prior to a vote being taken.

  1. Any enactments, additions, amendments, repeals or re-enactments must receive a two-thirds (2/3rds) majority vote of the members present at a regular or special meeting.

  1. Notwithstanding anything contained in this section the enactment, additions, amendments, repeals or re-enactments of by-laws shall not be in force or valid until approved by the National Headquarters Executive, who will date and affix the Corporate Seal of the Association.

Section 25: Fort Calgary Preservation Society Executive

  1. Any member who is elected or appointed to the Board of Directors of the Fort Calgary Preservation Society shall provide a report at the Annual General Meeting of his/her activities and attendance, not of a confidential nature, regarding the activities of Fort Calgary.

Approved at the general meeting by Calgary Division on the 15th day of November, 2011.

Robert Kells, President